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Ciel (Black Butler)

An eccentric gentleman

As far as his body is concerned, we can see the style he wears in the series: a young aristocrat’s outfit from the 19th century but with the bright colors of a manga character. His suit is green with two rows of buttons and short pants revealing his black socks and brown shoes with buckles. At the head level, we recognize his blue hair and the patch on his eye which hides the mark of his pact with the demon. Finally, he holds his aristocratic cane in his right hand.


The hero of the series

Ciel is the hero of the manga Black Butler and the animated series which is the adaptation. Ciel is a young English aristocrat of the 19th century living in a strange manor near London with his butler Sebastian. We soon learn that Sebastian is a demon to whom Ciel has sold his soul in exchange for his life as he was about to die and for his help in his revenge. Ciel is also in the service of Queen Victoria to solve crimes and mysteries. Despite his young age (12), he is very intelligent and often ahead of Scotland Yard.


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