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Grell (Black Butler)

A colorful character

The character of Grel has an inimitable style and we find it on this figurine. We can see his black and grey butler costume, but on top of that, he wears the red coat stolen from Mrs. Red after having killed her. On the head, we can recognize his big glasses and his long red hair. He is also recognizable by his big smile with sharp teeth. In his left hand, he holds a chainsaw, one of the weapons with which he will try to kill himself.


The god of suicidal death

Grell is one of the characters of the manga Black Butler and the anime series that is the adaptation. He is a shinigami, that is to say a god of death in charge of collecting the souls of the dying. Like all other shinigami, he was originally a human who committed suicide. Working as a butler for Mrs. Red, he has kept this suicidal tendency since he tries to kill himself as soon as he misses something. He is an enemy of Sebastian, the demon butler of the main character of the series, Ciel.


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