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Undertaker (Black Butler)

A disturbing character

As in the series, this character seems to be almost in black and white. We can see his long black coat with very long sleeves, decorated with various silver jewels and a strip of gray fabric. At the level of the head, we find his long gray hair partially hiding his face and the small distinctive braid on the right side. On his head, he wears his usual black hat and we can see the long scar that runs diagonally across his face.


The former god of death

Undertaker is a character from the manga Black Butler and the anime series that is the adaptation. He is a former shinigami, the gods of death collecting the souls of the dying. He is now the head of the funeral services in London. He is also an informant for the family of Ciel, the main character of the manga. This one takes place in London in the 19th century. The young Ciel leads investigations for Queen Victoria, accompanied by his butler Sebastian, a demon to whom he has sold his age in exchange for his life.


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