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Sebastian (Black Butler)

A demon in disguise

As in the series, Sebastian always wears his black and sober butler’s outfit. He stands very straight, one hand behind his back and the other holding a white towel. As always, he wears white gloves that hide the mark of the pact made with Ciel on his left hand. On the face, we find the characteristic haircut of the character as well as his red eyes.


The hero of the series

Sebastian is one of the main characters of the manga Black Butler and the animated series that is the adaptation. He is the butler of young Ciel, a twelve-year-old English aristocrat living in an English manor in the 19th century. But before being a butler, Sebastian is above all a demon who saved Ciel’s life in exchange for his soul. He is also there to protect him and help him to accomplish his revenge. Sebastian is very handsome and appeals to women, a fact he often uses to extract information from them. He is also very mocking, especially towards Ciel.


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