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Cindy-Lou Who (The Grinch)

An adorable little girl

Funko has represented Cindy-Lou with her pink outfit made of an anorak, big boots and a very long scarf almost touching the ground. On the head, we find this little face with a very particular shape, her freckles, her almost animal nose and her little smile. Finally, we find his blond hair cut to the square as well as these two braids on the top of the head attached by pink bows matched with the rest of his outfit.


A selfless little girl

Cindy-Lou Who is one of the main characters in the animated film The Grinch based on the famous character of the children’s literature star Dr. Seuss. Cindy-Lou lives in Whoville, a town where everyone loves Christmas and makes it a special event. Cindy-Lou realizes that her mother is working herself to death to take care of her children and decides to ask Santa for help. Instead of asking him for presents like the other kids, she just asks Santa to make her mom happy. But meanwhile, the Grinch, who hates Christmas, has decided to steal it to finally have peace. The meeting of these two characters will maybe change things forever.


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