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The Young Grinch (The Grinch)

A young Grinch

Funko has portrayed the Grinch as a youngster in this figure, in the flashback to his childhood in the orphanage. We still find his funny green and hairy body with his round belly and his long and thin limbs. His belly is just a bit rounder than when he is an adult. At the level of the head, his expression is more surprised and sad than grumpy. His eyebrows are raised and his eyes are round while his mouth is slightly ajar. His head is less hairy and his shape a little less marked.


The origins of a grunt

The Grinch is probably one of the most famous characters created by the author of children’s literature Doctor Seuss. He is an extremely grumpy character who, after a difficult childhood, hates everything and everyone and prefers to live in a cave to avoid the people of Whoville who are all far too merry. As Christmas approaches, the town’s mayor announces that they will celebrate the holiday in an even grander way than usual this year. Realizing that this will disrupt his peace and quiet, the Grinch decides to simply steal Christmas.


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