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The Grinch with scarf (The Grinch)

Already a little bit of Christmas

For this exclusive version of the character, Funko represented the Grinch wearing a red and white scarf reminding him, despite himself, of the colors of Christmas. Otherwise, his body is as always green and rather hairy with a belly and limbs rather long and skinny and hooked fingers. At the level of the head, it has as in the cartoon a funny shape of pear. It has an annoyed expression as usual with its thick frown and its mouth turned downwards. And finally, his hands are on his hips.


The grumpiest of characters

The Grinch is one of the most famous characters created by the famous Doctor Seuss and adapted into a cartoon. The Grinch is a particularly grumpy green creature who lives in a cave with only his dog Max for company, and as far away as possible from any other living person, especially the inhabitants of Whoville who are all always overly happy, especially at Christmas time. And just this year, the people of Whoville have apparently decided to make Christmas three times more festive than usual, and that’s something the Grinch is not going to be able to handle. So there’s only one solution: steal Christmas, steal all the presents and decorations to finally have peace. But of course, the Grinch didn’t imagine that it would be the inhabitants of Whoville who would manage to soften his heart of stone.


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