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The Grinch (The Grinch)

A funny little man

Funko has represented this little green and hairy man with this attitude always a little annoyed. We find his round belly, his funny feet a little pointed and his long fingers a little hooked. On the head, we find his round cheeks, his thick eyebrows and of course this disgruntled and a little suspicious air at the same time. Finally, on the top of his head, we find of course his green hair puff.


The grumpiest of grunts

The Grinch is a famous character of Doctor Seuss, hero of the American children’s literature. He is a funny green creature living alone in a basement with his dog. He is the grumpiest character we have ever seen and he hates everything and everyone, his only pleasure in life was to be mean and to do things to annoy people. Of course, for him Christmas is one of the worst times of the year with all that good humor and joy. And to make matters worse, the Chous living near him have just declared that they will celebrate Christmas in an even more grandiose way this year. The Grinch has only one solution left, to steal Christmas.


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