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Comic Moment The Flash (The Flash)

A lightning effect

For this great Comic Book Moment, Funko has represented The Flash running. As always in this case, he is represented with yellow and pink lightning coming out of his feet and his whole body and surrounded in part by a cloud of dust. His costume is bright red with golden boots and lightning patterns all going towards the biggest lightning bolt on his chest. On his head, he wears a red mask showing only his eyes and mouth and two small wings on the sides reminiscent of the helmet of the god Hermes.


Fastest Superhero

Flash is one of the most famous superheroes in the DC Comics universe and the comic book world in general. There was an early version of the Flash whose real name was Jay Garrick, but the most famous and the one from which most adaptations are based is Barry Allen. In the basic version, he works in the Central City crime lab and is struck by lightning one night while working with chemicals. When he wakes up in the hospital, he realizes that he has acquired extraordinary abilities, including the ability to run so fast that he becomes invisible.


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