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Crossbones Battle Damage (Captain America Civil War)

Crossbones during the battle

This figure is the third version of the character created for the release of the movie. It is a Target store exclusive and very similar to the first version except that his mask is partially damaged after a fight. As you can see in the promo photos of the movie and on this figurine, the makers were faithful to the look of the character from the comics. His outfit is a mix between black SHIELD field agent outfits and military clothing. An irregular white X is drawn on his chest with paint. At the level of his hands, we can see the heavy armatures with which he is equipped and which are very finely represented. At the head level, he wears his famous black helmet covering almost all his face and also marked with irregular white paint. However, on this version, it was damaged during the fight. A part of the helmet on the left side of his face is missing, revealing his partly burned skin and drooping eyelid.


A SHIELD agent turned enemy

Crossbones is an enemy of Captain America in the movie Captain America Civil War. First known as Brock Rumlov in Captain America 2, he is a familiar character to comic book readers, though his story is a bit different in the cinematic universe. He was originally a S.H.I.E.L.D. field agent who participated in some operations with Captain America and Black Widow. But when Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff discover that HYDRA had been infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. for years, Brock Rumlov is revealed to be part of it. At the end of the film, Rumlov fights Falcon and is left for dead when one of the hellicarriers crashes into the building where they were fighting. He is eventually rescued but appears to be badly burned. In Captain America Civil War, he resumes his role as Crossbones and finally adopts the look of the comic book character. In this film, following the events of Sokovia in Avengers Age Of Ultron, the government wants to make the superheroes sign a very liberticide agreement in order to monitor them. Captain America refuses to sign and enters in conflict with some members of the Avengers team. We don’t know the precise role of Crossbones but we can imagine that he will be an enemy of both sides.


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