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Crowley (Supernatural)

The elegant demon

In the series, Crowley always appears with the same style. He always wears a dark suit with often a tie as the only color element. And so it is logically that he has been represented on this figurine. We find this black suit and a blue tie that we saw him wear several times in the series and on some promo pictures. On the head, we recognize his goatee and the characteristic implantation of his hair. Finally, being of Scottish origin, he is a whiskey lover and we rarely see him without his glass. Funko has therefore logically put a glass in the hand of this Crowley figurine.


The King of the Underworld

Crowley is an important character in the American fantasy series Supernatural. It tells the story of two brothers who travel around the United States by car to hunt demons and other evil creatures they may come across. Real name Fergus MacLeod, Crowley was originally a Scottish man who sold his man to the devil. After being tortured in hell, he becomes a demon himself, the master of the crossroads. While he is initially an enemy of Sam and Dean, he will help them kill Lucifer, thinking that if Lucifer wins the war against the archangel Michael, he will kill all the demons on Earth. After the defeat of Lucifer, Crowley will become a time of leader of the underworld. The character of Crowley is generally very appreciated by the fans for his black humor and his complex personality.


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