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Castiel avec des ailes (Supernatural)

The Angel Spreads His Wings

This figure is a Hot Topic exclusive version of the previously released Castiel figure. When Castiel arrives on Earth, he can’t communicate with humans in his true form, so he’ll borrow a human body that he’ll always keep afterwards. We find his suit with the tie always badly tied as well as this famous beige raincoat. At the level of the head we find this hair always a little dishevelled well representative of the character. Finally, although his wings are never visible, he can make them appear to intimidate his enemies or when he is illuminated by a special light. This element makes this figure particularly pretty, which explains why it is nowadays rather difficult to find.


The third Winchester brother

Castiel is an important character in the American fantasy series Supernatural. He was first a recurring character in season 4 and then quickly became the third main character of the series. Supernatural tells the adventures of the two Winchester brothers who drive across the United States to kill demons. At the end of season 3, Dean goes to hell following the pact he made with a demon to save his brother. At the beginning of season 4, he learns from the angel Castiel that God has brought him back to life because he has a role to play in the war that is brewing among the angels. In order to be able to communicate with the humans, Castiel borrowed a human form which he will always keep thereafter. At first Castiel is rather cold and distant, as all angels are, but he will quickly become attached to Dean and will be on their side when he realizes the evil intentions of his brothers.


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