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Sam FBI (Supernatural)

Sam, the FBI agent

When the two brothers investigate suspicious deaths that demons or other strange creatures seem to be responsible for, they often have to deal with the local police. For this, they often pose as FBI agents in order to gain easy access to crime scenes and clues. In these cases, they usually take an alias borrowed from a rock band and put on their suit and tie. So we find this black suit with the usual white shirt and a blue striped tie. At the level of the head, the face is simple but the haircut of Sam is very well reproduced, what allows to make him immediately recognizable. Finally, he stands with his hands in his pockets.


The younger Winchester brother

Sam Winchester is one of the two central characters of Supernatural, the famous American fantasy series. Sam and his older brother, Dean, were raised by their father after their mother was murdered by a demon. From an early age, they had to follow their father in his hunt for demons. A few years later, Sam left his family and went to medical school. But when their father disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Sam was visited by his brother who asked him to help search for him. Sam agrees, but the world of demons soon catches up with him and he finally sets out with his brother in the hope of finding their father and the demon that has caused so much harm to his family. Sam is the younger of the two brothers, but at first he is the wiser and more serious.


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