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Bobby Singer (Supernatural)

An average American

In the series, Bobby lives in the middle of a car junkyard in a small town of deep America and his look is well in adequacy with his lifestyle. We find his usual blue jeans worn with big boots. With that, he wears a long-sleeved shirt and a thick sleeveless vest, all in neutral beige or brown colors. At the level of the head, we recognize his goatee and his coarse beard and especially, he wears the famous blue cap that he almost never leaves. Finally, he holds in his hands the gun he uses to hunt down the forces of evil.


A surrogate father

Bobby Singer is an important recurring character in the Supernatural fantasy series. With over ten seasons now, the series tells the story of the two Winchester brothers traveling across the United States to fight the forces of evil. Their father before them had followed this voice and the series begins when he mysteriously disappears. Dean, the older brother had followed the same path as his father, while Sam, the younger brother had left the family to study medicine. But when he agrees to help his brother find their father together, he finds himself drawn back into the life he had decided to escape. Bobby Singer is an old friend of their father and of the family in general. He is also a demon hunter and often helps them in their investigations, whether it is to provide false papers or advice. The two young men consider Bobby as a surrogate father and he himself considers them as the children he never had.


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