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Sam (Supernatural)

Like his brother Dean, Sam’s look has changed little over the years, except that his shirts have become less colorful as the series has become darker. Like his brother, he usually wears jeans and boots. And as you can see he has also adopted the t-shirt and open shirt look. Sam’s is red, as we can see in one of the first episodes of the series and on many promo pictures. At the level of the head, his face is simple but we find well the haircut which will change only very little during the seasons if it is not the length which will vary slightly. Finally, like his brother, he holds in his right hand a dagger which is used to kill a certain number of demons.


The One Who Changed the World

Sam Winchester is one of the main characters in the cult fantasy series Supernatural. The series follows the adventures of two brothers who, following the example of their father, travel across the United States in a black Impala, fighting demons, evil angels and other creatures. In the first episode, Sam is contacted by his brother Dean because their father has mysteriously disappeared. While Dean had followed in his father’s footsteps and hunted demons with him, Sam had left them in hopes of having a normal life and was pursuing a medical degree. Sam agrees to help his brother temporarily, but when he returns home, his girlfriend has been killed by the demon that had killed their mother years before. Sam sets out on a journey with his brother in hopes of finding their father and avenging his mother and girlfriend. Although Sam is the younger of the two brothers, at first he is the wiser and more serious. The Sam Winchester look


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