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Castiel (Supernatural)

The angel with the raincoat

When Castiel lands on Earth, he can’t do it under his real form, unbearable to the sight of humans. He must therefore borrow a human body that he will keep throughout the series. He will also always keep the same clothes and it is therefore logical that he is represented on this figurine. As always, he is wearing a suit and tie but with a slightly disheveled look, as you can see with this tie on the wrong side. Over it he wears of course his emblematic beige raincoat that he never leaves. At the level of the head, his face has nothing particular and we regret a little that they do not give him ringed eyes as he often has in the series. On the other hand, his hair is always a little disheveled and the figure is overall very successful.


A not so cold and distant angel

Castiel is an important character of the American fantasy series Supernatural. This series tells the story of the brothers Dean and Sam Winchester who travel the United States in an Impala to hunt demons and other evil creatures. At the end of season 3, Dean sacrifices himself to prevent the coming of Lucifer and the arrival of hell on Earth. At the beginning of season 4, he comes back to life without remembering what happened to him. He then goes to see a medium in order to know more. It is there that he meets the angel Castiel who will explain to him the plans that God has for him. The sight of the true form of the angels being unbearable for the humans, Castiel is going to take the body of a man and this form which he will keep during all the series. If at the beginning, Castiel is cold and distant, as the angels are supposed to be, he will quickly become attached to the two brothers and to Dean in particular. He will even go against the will of his brothers when he will realize that they do not have only good intentions. His character will evolve a lot during the series, becoming less and less cold and more and more funny.


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