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Crowley yeux rouges (Supernatural)

The Red-Eyed Demon

This figure is a Hot Topic exclusive version of the Crowley figure previously released. It is identical in every way except for the red eyes. As on the previous one, we find the black suit that he wears almost all the time. With that, he wears a blue tie that we could see him wearing in several episodes of the series. On his face, his goatee and the characteristic implantation of his hair are faithfully reproduced by the creators of the figurine. Finally, one of his hands is in his pocket and the other is holding a glass of whiskey to recall the origins of the character before he became a demon.


The Crossroads Demon

Crowley is an important character in Supernatural who appeared in the middle of season 5. This American fantasy series tells the adventures of the Winchester brothers: demon hunters who travel the United States in their famous 1967 black Impala. Crowley is the demon of the crossroads. He grants the wishes of people who invoke him in exchange for their souls, which he comes to retrieve ten years later with the help of the hounds of hell. When the war is declared between Lucifer and the archangel Michael, he is against all odds on the side of the Winchester brothers, thinking that Lucifer has the project to kill all the demons on Earth if he wins. After Lucifer’s death, Crowley becomes the leader of the underworld. He will resurrect Sam at the beginning of season 6, needing his help to find purgatory because he can’t keep control of the demons in hell.


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