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Dean (Supernatural)

Dean’s typical outfit

While the show has evolved and become darker and more serious over the years, the look of the characters has not changed much. Except when he pretends to be an FBI agent, Dean always wears a very simple and practical outfit in case he has to fight. We thus find his usual jeans and his brown boots. On top, he wears, as we can see on many promo pictures of the series, an open shirt on a t-shirt. At the level of the head, his face is rather simple but it is especially thanks to his characteristic haircut, and not having changed in more than ten seasons, that we recognize him well. Finally, on the arms, Funko did not forget the details of his watch and the bracelet that he always wears and he holds in his right hand the dagger that allows to kill demons.


Big Brother Winchester

Dean Winchester is one of the main characters of Supernatural, the famous fantasy series by Eric Kripke and Kim Manners, one of the main directors of the X-Files series. The series tells the story of two brothers who, following in their father’s footsteps, travel the United States to fight demons and other evil creatures. At the beginning of the series, Dean reconnects with his brother Sam, who had left the family business” to study medicine. Their father having mysteriously disappeared, Sam agrees to help Dean in his investigation provided he can return in time for an important interview. Unfortunately, when Sam wants to return to his normal life, he realizes that the demon world he had wanted to escape has caught up with him. While Dean has always resented his brother for abandoning them and being able to live a normal life, he will still be glad that he can now count on his brother to help him find their father. Dean’s character is also famous for his love of metal and hard rock and his habit of using the names of members of these bands to impersonate police officers or FBI agents.


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