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Dean FBI (Supernatural)

Dean, the FBI agent

When the two brothers go to investigate strange phenomena that could be linked to the presence of demons, they sometimes have to come to crime scenes. For that, they often pose as FBI agents to the local police. In these cases, they take an alias borrowed from a rock or metal band and put on their suit and tie. This suit is always the same for the two brothers: a black suit with a white shirt and a sober tie. Here it is a dark red tie with stripes. At the level of the head, the face is simple but we find this characteristic haircut of the character of Dean. Finally, his arms are crossed on his chest.


The Demon Hunter

Dean Winchester is one of the central characters of Supernatural. This fantasy series with nine seasons already tells the story of two brothers who travel across the United States in pursuit of demons and other evil creatures. In the first episode of the series, Dean hunts demons with his father but his father mysteriously disappears. He then contacts his brother Sam, who is away at medical school, to help him with his investigation. If Sam agrees to join him temporarily, the world of demons will quickly overflow on the normal life he had managed to build, and Sam will find himself on the road with his brother. If there is at the beginning of the animosity between the two brothers because Dean is angry at him for having abandoned them, he will be nevertheless happy to find his brother. Dean is a seducer and has an unconditional love for his famous retro car, an Impala from 1967.


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