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Charlie (Supernatural)

The red-haired hacker

This figurine is an exclusive of the Hot Topic website, it is however findable in France without too much difficulty and at a reasonable price. She is represented with one of the rather flashy outfits we see her wearing in the first episode where she crosses the path of the Winchester brothers. On top she wears a purple jacket over a pink sweater, itself over a purple t-shirt. Below, she wears green jeans and brown boots. But what is most characteristic of the character is her long red hair, which is nicely reproduced here. She is also carrying her bag over her shoulder and finally, she is wearing headphones on her ears and holding an iPod in her hand.


The Hacker with a Heart of Gold

Charlie is a character who appears towards the end of season 7 of the fantasy series Supernatural. This series tells the story of the Winchester brothers who travel the United States to hunt demons and other evil creatures. In season 7, Castiel has become the new God by absorbing all the souls in Purgatory but also the Leviathans, creatures even more ancient and powerful than the gods and demons. When he realizes that he made a mistake, he wants to send them back but the Leviathans manage to escape and will try to take control of the Earth by possessing important people. Charlie is a hacker who hacks into the biggest companies to give money from them to charity. She will realize that the boss of the company she works for is possessed by a Leviathan. She will be saved by Sam and Dean and will run away but she will make her come back in season 8.


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