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Cull Obsidian (Avengers Infinity War)

A strange reptile

Funko has of course represented Cull Obsidian with his grey suit with red details which, without being identical, is consistent with the outfits of the other disciples of Thanos, especially with those few elements of armor or gold decoration. We also recognize his impressive build and this black-brown skin with a texture reminiscent of a reptile. This is also reinforced by the sort of growths on his head. To complete his beastly physique, we find his yellow eyes as well as the fangs protruding from his mouth. And finally, he holds in each hand a weapon that strongly resembles a kind of brass knuckle.


The brute of the team

Cull Obsidian is one of the members of the Black Order accompanying Thanos in his mission to find the six Infinity Stones in order to acquire the power to destroy half of the galaxy’s population with a simple snap of his finger, his goal being altruistic according to him since it would solve the problem of famine and overpopulation. For Cull Obsidian, things are simpler, he is a brute who simply takes pleasure in fighting and defeating his enemies and he is clearly the least intelligent of Thanos’ children”. He had indeed adopted him after having attacked and almost annihilated all his people. Cull Obsidian is sent to New York to help recover the Time Stone held by Doctor Strange. Given his brute strength, it is the Hulk who will fight him and eventually kill him during the battle of Wakanda.


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