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Daenerys beyond the wall (Game Of Thrones)

A queen’s outfit

For this new version of this very popular character, Funko chose to represent Daenerys with the heavy fur winter coat she wears when she leaves for the wall on the back of a dragon to rescue Jon Snow and his group. It’s a long coat with white and gray fur stripes that she wears with a large silver chain with a dragon design across the chest. With that, she wears light gray gloves and thick black leather boots in addition to the pants that can be vaguely seen underneath. At the head, her long blonde hair is styled in several braids forming an intricate and elegant ensemble and we can see the evolution of the character since season one with her simple Dothraki braids.


Winter is coming for Daenerys too

In season seven and after having spent six seasons gathering her army and preparing her return, Daenerys finally lands on the continent of Westeros, more precisely at Dragonstone, the former seat of her family. She easily triumphs in her first battles but things get complicated when, in a very short time, she loses two of her greatest allies in this fight: Olena Tyrell Yara Greyjoy and the entire Martell family. It is then that she receives a letter from Jon Snow. Her goal is above all to convince the different forces involved that their fight for power is futile compared to the threat of the White Walkers’ army. Following Tyrion’s advice that he is surely serious and trustworthy, Daenerys agrees to see him. Things are complicated when he refuses to pledge his allegiance to her in exchange for her help but given the gravity of the situation, he finally agrees, realizing that the fate of Westeros was more important than the possibility of him being king. Deciding that Jon’s cause is justified, she sends several men with him to travel beyond the wall and bring back proof of the existence of the white walkers to Cersei and hope to convince her to join her army. Things do not go as planned and the men find themselves surrounded by the army of the dead. Fortunately Daenerys comes to their rescue but one of her dragons is killed, which will have dramatic consequences for the rest of the story.


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