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Daenerys Targaryen (Game Of Thrones)

Daenerys young mother”

The figurine represents Daenerys at a very specific time in the series, namely at the beginning of season 2. After the death of Khal Drogo and the loss of her baby at the end of season 1, Daenerys finally hatches the three dragon eggs given by Jorah at her wedding. She finds herself leading her people across the desert, hoping to find a way to cross the sea and take her place on the throne of Westeros. During this period, the Khaleesi adopted the Dothraki fashion adapted to the heat of the desert and the important time spent on horseback. All the details of her outfit can be found on this figurine. She wears a very light top with braided straps and a loincloth over leather pants and boots. Despite the stylized side of these figurines, very fine details such as the gloves or the waist chains are present and allow to situate the character well in her chronology. Her hair is plaited quite simply as it is at this period of history. And finally of course, she is represented with one of her little ones. This figurine exists with several variations of the dragon: the red dragon Drogon, the green Rhaegal and the beige Viserion. But there is also a strange version that seems to be the most common: a green and red dragon that would be a kind of mixture between Drogon and Rhaegal?


From the young girl to the mother of dragons

Daenerys is the last heir of the house Targaryen, a powerful family that several hundred years ago were the masters of dragons. At the beginning of the saga, we learn that the Targaryens have lost the war. Jaime Lannister killed Aerys Targaryen the mad king”, father of Daenerys. Robert Baratheon marries Cersei Lannister (Jaime’s sister), takes Aerys’ place on the Iron Throne and becomes king of the kingdom of Westeros. The survivors of the Targaryen family, Viserys (Daenerys’ older brother) and his mother have to flee. But his mother died shortly after giving birth to Daenerys during a terrible storm, giving her the nickname “Daenerys Stormborn”. Viserys and his younger sister find themselves exiled across the sea, living as best they can on the generosity of wealthy landowners hoping to get something from the two heirs of this noble family. We will meet Daenerys, 13 years after these events (in the books, in the series it is 16 years). Viserys has never given up the idea of taking back the throne that is rightfully his. So he will “sell” his younger sister in marriage to the Dothraki barbarian Khal Drogo in exchange for his army of fierce fighters who he hopes will allow him to reclaim the kingdom of Westeros. But things won’t quite work out the way he planned.


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