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Daffy (Gremlins 2)

A strange creature

Daffy is portrayed here as we see him in the movie when he invites himself to a cooking show and gets out of a pot of pasta. We can see his green and reptilian body with clawed legs. He wears a crooked smile and is partly covered with food. We also find his large green ears whose interior is pink and the tuft of hairs on the top of his head.


The craziest gremlins

Daffy is one of the new gremlins in the movie Gremlins 2. At the end of the first movie, Gizmo was brought back to the old man’s house where Billy’s father had bought him but when the old man dies, he is taken by scientists in the famous Clamp building to study him. A few years later, Billy gets a job there, just as the scientific experiments go wrong. Daffy was originally a mogwai before becoming a gremlin. He is one of the craziest of the group. He’s always laughing hysterically and we see him taking on the role of dentist or elevator repairman, all the while continuing to laugh madly.


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