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Gizmo as gremlin (Gremlins)

A Gizmo gremlin

Funko has represented Gizmo disguised as a gremlin for this exclusive figurine. We can see his friendly little head with his large muzzle and his little paws with short claws. But he has a green skin with scales instead of fur and big ears resembling bat wings like the gremlins. He also wears a wide smile and stands with his front legs outstretched.


An adorable plush

Gizmo is one of the characters from the cult fantasy film Gremlin. He is a very rare creature of the mogwai race. The father of Billy, the hero of the story, wants to buy his son an original gift for Christmas. In a small store in Chinatown, he finds this little creature with big ears and decides to buy it. But the old man who sells it to him warns him to be very careful. It can’t stand the sun, must never get wet and must not be fed after midnight. Everything goes well at first and Billy is attached to Gizmo. But something happens and Gizmo gets wet. Eggs are squeezed out of him and soon hatch into adorable babies. But these babies are not so cute and do everything to get fed after midnight. They then go into a kind of cocoon and come out as gremlin, hideous reptilian creatures whose only goal is destruction.


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