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Gizmo 3D glasses (Gremlins)

Gizmo at the cinema

Gizmo is represented here with the 3D glasses that he is given when he enters the cinema where many gremlins have taken refuge. He is standing on his hind legs and we can see this white and brown fur. His feet and his hands are without fur, making think of a kind of small monkey. At the level of the head, he also has big ears without fur and his muzzle reminding also a monkey is pink and without fur. Finally, he holds a big pair of 3D glasses with a blue and a red lens and a white frame.


An adorable creature

Gizmo is the character at the center of the famous fantasy movie Gremlins released in 1984. He is a creature of the mogwai race and the only one of his kind that we know. A father buys it in the store of an old Chinese man at the beginning of the film to give it to his son Billy for Christmas. But the man warns him that if this mogwai is harmless in this form, it should not be exposed to the sun at the risk of killing it or getting it wet because it will then start to multiply and especially never feed it after midnight or it will turn into a terrible creature. If all goes well at first and Gizmo, as Billy calls him, is happy in his new family, things will go wrong. Gizmo will get wet and create many baby mogwai. They will make sure to get food and will turn into terrible green bugs that will multiply again and terrorize the small town. It will be up to Billy, his girlfriend and Mogwai to find them and get rid of them. At the end of the movie, Billy’s father brings Gizmo back to the old man, having proved that he was not responsible enough to take care of him.


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