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Flashing Gremlin (Gremlins)

An original look

Like all the other gremlins, this one has a green and vaguely reptilian skin reminding of a kind of failed dinosaur. He has long claws on his front and back legs and a smile with sharp teeth that is not very reassuring. On his head, he wears sunglasses with grey frames and his famous beige raincoat that he holds wide open to show his body of course naked underneath.


A perverted Gremlin

The flashing gremlin is one of the creatures of the second opus of the gremlin saga. This time, it’s a pharmaceutical laboratory that got its hands on Gizmo and of course, he gets wet and gives birth to new creatures that feed after midnight and thus turn into gremlin. But being able to get their hands on a lot of chemicals, some of them develop different and new abilities and in general a more developed personality. One of them seems to have a lot of fun with the raincoat and sunglasses he found, using them to flash people around him.


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