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Greta (Gremlins)

Ugly creature

For this crazy figure, Funko decided to represent Greta with her sexiest outfit. Like the other Gremlins, she has a green and more or less reptilian body but this one has long green hair. She also wears a very strong makeup: red lipstick and blue paint on the eyes. In addition to that, she wears a very short black and white skirt with a leopard pattern with a matching bra and black heels.


A real seductress

Greta is one of the gremlins from the movie Gremlins 2. These ugly creatures are the result of the transformation of another much more harmless creature: the mogwai. But if this one is wet, it will then lay eggs and give birth to new creatures but especially if these creatures are fed after midnight, they enter in a process of transformation and become gremlins: evil, stupid and incredibly destructive creatures. In Gremlin 2, a lab got hold of Gizmo, the gentle creature from the first movie, and let him reproduce. The creatures that are born of course manage to get their hands on food and transform. But on top of that, some of them get their hands on several chemicals in the lab. This makes some of them smarter, some stronger, and some acquire a certain personality. Greta is apparently a female creature who seems intent on seducing one of the scientists trapped in the building with very provocative outfits.


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