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Gizmo in red car (Gremlins)

A true hero

Gizmo is shown here in his red Barbie car that he borrows when he gets trapped in the mall with the other gremlins. It’s a classic Barbie convertible car with round shapes and suitcases in the back. Gizmo is behind the wheel with a bemused smile on his face. We can see his brown coat with white on top of his head and around his right eye as well as his big koala ears and his little paws with monkey hands.


A harmless creature

Gizmo is the adorable creature of the mogwai race at the center of the famous 80’s fantasy movie, Gremlins. He is given to Billy, a young teenager, at Christmas by his father who finds him in a mysterious store run by an old Chinese man. Gizmo is perfectly harmless and very cute, but there are very specific rules to follow when dealing with him. Daylight can kill him, you can’t get him wet or he’ll lay eggs and reproduce, and you can’t feed him after midnight or he’ll turn into a terrible, hideous, reptilian creature. Of course, both of these things happen, Gizmo gives birth to several more mogwai who make sure to be fed after midnight in order to transform. They breed again and begin to wreak havoc on the quiet little town of Kingston Falls. Eventually, thanks to Billy, his girlfriend and Gizmo himself, the gremlins are defeated but the old man asks for Gizmo back.


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