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Gremlin 3D glasses (Gremlins)

Funko has represented here one of the gremlins during the famous scene where they came into a movie theater and sat down to watch a movie. This gremlin is standing on his powerful clawed hind legs. His body is mostly green but with beige and brown spots and various patterns. He has the same large ears as the mogwai but also very reptilian spikes all along his face and sharp teeth. Here he is wearing his 3D glasses and holding a cup full of ice cubes with a straw in it.


An ugly transformation

Gremlins are the result of the transformation of the lovable mogwai in the famous fantasy movie Gremlins. At the beginning of the movie, Billy’s father gives him Gizmo, a mogwai, an adorable little furry creature that is harmless. But there are also specific instructions for taking care of this little creature. While these instructions are followed well at first, things quickly get out of hand when Gizmo accidentally gets wet and starts to multiply. The creatures that come out of him, while they may look cute, seem much nastier and will do anything to get fed after midnight and thus turn into gremlins. They are green creatures, rather reptilian, very nasty, stupid and destructive. They will quickly multiply and invade the small town. Billy and his family will have to do everything to get rid of them.


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