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Dancing Groot (Les gardiens de la galaxie)

Groot’s rebirth

At the end of the movie, the group lands on Ronan’s ship to prevent him from using the stone he finally managed to recover. When the ship is shot down while they are still on board, Groot sacrifices himself and makes his members grow to create a protective cocoon around his friends. We believe him to be definitively dead but Rocket recovers some branches and manages to grow a new Groot that we discover at the end of the movie, dancing on Starlord’s music. So it is this version, as adorable as in the movie, which is represented here. Obviously, for this character Funko has deviated a lot from its usual molds. He is represented in his pot and his body is formed by the beginning of a trunk and intertwined branches that form his arms. His head is more or less the same shape as the classic pop figures but a little higher and with some young shoots on the top of the head. Finally, he has the traditional black eyes, and Funko added a shy smile that finishes giving this figure an adorable look!


I am Groot

Groot is one of the main characters of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy” adapted from the Marvel comic of the same name. Groot is a strange creature, a kind of humanoid tree whose vocabulary is summed up in “I am Groot”. In the movie, he is the sidekick of Rocket Raccoon, an intelligent raccoon and bounty hunter. They cross paths with Star-Lord when a large bounty is offered for his capture after the theft of a strange and very powerful artifact. But they are not the only ones interested in it since Gamorra, “adopted daughter” of the evil Ronan, also wants to get her hands on this artifact. But when they realize that this artifact would have the power to destroy an entire planet in the hands of someone as powerful as Ronan, they will put their differences aside and do everything to keep the object safe.


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