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Dark Phoenix (X Men)

An extremely powerful character

Dark Phoenix is shown here in her comic book costume. She is wearing a red jumpsuit with golden boots and gloves and a matching belt that floats in the wind. On the head, we recognize of course her beautiful red hair and her eyes turning white when she uses her powers. Her posture is dynamic and her hand is forward, showing that she is represented during the fight.


At its peak

Dark Phoenix is a saga centered on the character of Jean Grey, one of the most powerful X-Men in the famous Marvel comics. Returning from a mission on another planet, Jean is hit by a solar flare that gives her access to all her psychic powers. At first confused, she manages to control them and then use them for good. But the villainous Mastermind wants to use them for his own dark purposes and sends images into her head making her believe they are from another life. This pushes her to join him and when she finds herself killing the psychic image of the man she loved, it unlocks the full power of her powers again and she decides to rename herself Dark Phoenix.


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