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Deadpool avec sabres (Deadpool)

Deadpool and his weapon of choice

If he does not hesitate to use all the weapons at his disposal, Deadpool always has a preference for swords and it is thus holding one in each hand that he is represented on this figurine. He wears his usual red suit with some black parts and this brown belt that allows him to hang his pistols or his swords. At the head level, we find this simple red mask with a black shape to mark his eyes which also remain hidden by his full mask.


The craziest mercenary with the biggest heart

Deadpool is the most famous anti-hero of the Marvel universe. Starting as Wolverine’s antagonist in the X-Men comics, his unusual personality soon earned him his own adventures. A former CIA hitman, Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Wilson, worked as a mercenary until he was diagnosed with incurable cancer. Desperate, he agrees to participate in scientific experiments. These experiments cure him, triggering a latent mutation, and he becomes almost immortal. But this disfigures him for the rest of his life. At this point, he becomes Deadpool, a superhero who almost never leaves his full face mask. Deadpool is famous for his humor and his tendency to break the fourth wall, not hesitating to talk to the reader.


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