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Deadpool bunny pants (Deadpool)

A wacky character

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented Deadpool wearing pants made of pink stuffed rabbits. Indeed, Deadpool never normally leaves his red suit but we can see here that it was torn and he took what he could to hide his body. This is not surprising since Deadpool loves crazy disguises. We can see that the skin of his naked torso is very damaged and he still wears the hood that hides his whole head.


An unusual story

Deadpool is a famous comic book hero from Marvel. He appeared for the first time in the New Mutants comics in 1991 and his atypical personality and his humor being very popular, he quickly got his own adventures. He was a former killer for the CIA who became a mercenary. He agreed to participate in strange medical experiments when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The experiments cured him by inoculating him with Wolverine’s mutant regeneration gene but not before torturing him horribly and leaving him disfigured. Since then, he has become Deadpool, a superhero, always wearing a full red and black jumpsuit and using methods that are not always very moral.


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