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Deadpool first appearance (Deadpool)

A metallic Deadpool

On the occasion of Marvel’s 80th anniversary, Deadpool is represented here as we see him on the cover of the first comic where he appears and in a metallic version. He wears as always this red suit but here with gray inserts rather than black at the eyes and torso. He is also wearing his tool belt and weapons but not his famous logo representing his face. Finally, he holds a pistol and a sword.


A remarkable entry

Deadpool is a character of the Marvel universe, sometimes superhero and sometimes anti-hero, he became particularly popular his adaptations to the cinema. The character makes his appearance for the first time in the comic New Mutant #98 in 1991 where he is hired to attack the new mutants. After being discharged from the Special Forces, he became a mercenary and found himself enlisted in the Weapon X program which gave him a mutation based on Wolverine’s that allowed him to regenerate, making him almost immortal. He will make several appearances in other Marvel properties before having the right to his own adventures, the public being seduced by his quirky humor and the way he has to talk to the readers.


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