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Deadpool French Maid (Deadpool)

The king of disguise

For this new version of the character, Funko has represented Deadpool as a French maid” as seen in an episode of his comics. Deadpool takes every opportunity he has to dress up, here it is to get into Magneto’s cell. But he wears the black and white costume with a short skirt and balloon sleeves over his usual red and black Deadpool outfit with big boots and the mask hiding his whole face. He also holds a small duster in his left hand and a small black and white hat on his head.


The mercenary superhero

Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Wilson, is the hero of the comics Deadpool from Marvel. He first appeared in the X-Men comics, but because his quirky humor was so popular with readers, he soon got his own adventures. He was a former CIA agent turned mercenary. When he was diagnosed with an incurable cancer, he agreed to take part in obscure scientific experiments that could possibly cure him. The purpose of these experiments was to torture the subjects to force their bodies to react to awaken dormant mutant genes. It works with Deadpool and he becomes almost immortal, his mutation being an uncommon regeneration capacity. But he is also completely disfigured and for this reason, he always keeps a red and black suit hiding him completely. The X-Men have often tried to recruit him but his expedient and not always moral methods are not really in accordance with their principles.


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