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Deadpool Gamer (Deadpool)

In the middle of a game

For this new version of Deadpool, Funko has represented him in the middle of a video game. He wears as always his red and black suit with a black belt and a brown harness but we can see that the patterns on his suit have been simplified to look like pixels and retro video games. At the head level, he wears a headset and his expression is very focused. In his left hand, he holds a game controller and his other fist is clenched.


A playful hero

Deadpool is a famous superhero from Marvel. He first appeared in the X-Men comics before he had his own adventures. His real name is Wade Wilson and he is a former CIA assassin turned mercenary. He is disfigured from medical experiments to cure him of his cancer. But he also became, thanks to these experiments, almost immortal, being able to regenerate even from the worst injuries. Apart from that, he is mostly known for his not very ethical methods but above all for his offbeat sense of humor, which makes him like to dress up (over his costume) or break the famous fourth wall.


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