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Deadpool Marvel 80 years (Deadpool)

Deadpool and his favorite weapons

Deadpool is represented here with his most standard appearance for Marvel’s 80th birthday. He carries a sword in his left hand and a pistol in his right hand and stands ready for battle. On the other hand, he wears as always his red jumpsuit covering his entire body and face with those black eye slots and the harness around his waist and thighs.


A cult hero

Deadpool became one of the most popular heroes of the Marvel universe after his debut in the X-Men comics. Indeed, this former CIA assassin and mercenary had his dormant mutant genes activated after agreeing to participate in medical experiments in the hope of curing his cancer. He became invulnerable but also disfigured and, almost never leaving his costume, became the superhero Deadpool. The X-Men and especially Wolverine regularly tried to recruit him but he refused, agreeing all the same to participate in some missions with a part of the X-Men.


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