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Deadpool shower cap and ducky (Deadpool)

A colorful character

Because of the experiments that disfigured him, Deadpool never leaves his full costume and the comic book artists often have fun drawing him in improbable situations. We find him here with a shower cap and a yellow plastic duck as if he was taking a bath. Apart from that, he wears of course his usual black and red suit with some harnesses around the waist and thighs to hang weapons.


A superhero like no other

Deadpool is the main character of the Deadpool comics and the movie that is the adaptation. First appearing in the X-men comics as Wolverine’s enemy and then as an ally after Wolverine recruited him, Deadpool ended up having his own adventures. Deadpool is a former CIA agent who agreed to participate in scientific experiments in the hopes of curing his terminal cancer. The scientists were able to cure him but their other experiments left him nearly immortal but also disfigured. Never leaving his costume, Deadpool became a superhero with questionable methods. Not hesitating to kill, he is also very popular for his very particular humor and for his tendency to break the fourth wall”.


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