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Deku (My Hero Academia)

A home-made costume

Funko has represented Deku here with his first superhero costume, the one created and sewn by his mother, which explains its somewhat amateurish side. It’s a green suit reinforced with knee pads and worn with big red shoes. He also wears a matching belt and white gloves. On the head, we find his green hair and his kind of freckles on the cheeks. And of course, he is standing in a fighting posture, with his fists clenched and his legs a little spread.


An unlikely superhero

Deku is the unlikely hero of the popular anime series and manga My Hero Academia. In a world where almost everyone is born with an alter” that gives everyone special powers and abilities, Deku is one of the few to be born without one. This does not prevent him from entering Yuei High School in order to be trained to become a superhero. Fortunately, his determination and his talent will make him noticed by All Might, the most powerful of the superheroes, who will decide to bequeath him his own alter, the One For All, knowing that he is sick and condemned and soon unable to use it himself.


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