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Dementor (Harry Potter)

A terrifying creature

Dementors are very mysterious creatures whose appearance we never really see because they are always wrapped in a big black hooded cloak. However, we can guess a skeletal appearance from their hands and what we can sometimes guess under their hood. This aspect is particularly well rendered Funko. Indeed, we can see this large tattered dress with skeletal hands that protrude and a slightly visible rib cage. At the head level, we can guess the face of a skeleton under a slightly transparent black fabric whose effect is particularly well rendered. Only his mouth without lip is free in order to be able to suck the soul of the condemned.


The Guardians of Azkaban

The dementors” are the guardians of Azkaban, the wizards’ prison in the famous literary and cinematographic saga Harry Potter. This saga tells the story of Harry Potter, a young English boy who discovers that he is the wizard on his eleventh birthday. He will then join the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and discover a new world. But he also learns that his parents died protecting him from Voldemort, one of the most terrible wizards of all time when he was only one year old. Voldemort had made it his mission to eliminate all wizards who were not pure-blooded, and it is soon discovered that Voldemort is not as dead as everyone thinks. In third year, Sirius Black, a supposed follower of Voldemort, escapes from Azkaban prison. Harry learns that he was his godfather and that he had betrayed his parents and turned them in to Voldemort. Fearing that Voldemort would attack Harry, the “dementors” are sent to Hogwarts to protect the castle. They are supernatural beings that feed on positive emotions and can suck the soul out of someone’s mouth. In the course of the story, we soon discover that Sirius is not who we think he is


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