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Diablo (Diablo III)

A hard-to-kill demon

As seen in the video game, Diablo is a very traditional looking demon. He is a vaguely humanoid character but also has many attributes of real or fantasy animals. His body is entirely red and he has feet and hands with long black claws and a tail reminiscent of a dragon. On the head, he has a human face but has several black horns, particularly impressive and curved on the side of the face. On the top of his head, he has a big red horn that looks like a precious stone.


The resurrected demon

Diablo is the main opponent that the hero must defeat in the video game Diablo III. Diablo III is set 20 years after the events of Diablo II and is, like its predecessors, a hack and slash RPG. It takes place in the medieval fantasy realm of Khanduras. 20 years ago, the archangel Tyrael and the Horadrim mages managed to defeat Diablo and the two other demons that escaped from hell. Now the player is once again allied with Tyrael and Leah and Adria on a new mission until Adria betrays them and sacrifices her daughter Leah to bring Diablo back to life. The player, along with Tyrael, will then have to chase him to Heaven to fight him.


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