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Kerrigan (Starcraft II)

The young hybrid woman

Kerrigan is represented here in her hybrid form. We recognize this humanoid body but with strange colors and shapes reminding an insect. The numerous details of her red and brown body are very finely and nicely reproduced. As for the head, Funk has rendered the green color of his skin well, although the skin patterns are a little lacking in detail. As in the game, instead of her hair, Kerrigan has some kind of dreadlocks that look like tree branches or insect legs.


The Queen of Blades

Sarah Kerrigan is one of the main characters of the universe of the famous strategy video game Starcraft and the main character of Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty. Several hundred years in the future, Earth is overpopulated and the international government has sent all undesirable beings to another sector of the Milky Way. An authoritarian confederation is born from all these colonies but it is quickly countered by various rebel factions and new alien races. Sarah Kerrigan is a young woman who is part of a secret Terran faction of assassins and secret agents with psychic powers. She will later be captured by the Zerg and transformed into a hybrid controlled by the master-mind.


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