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Tyrael (Diablo III)

A mysterious character

As in the game, Tyrael looks like a paladin, a priest soldier. So we can see his famous golden armor with many silver details very nicely represented by Funko. As in the game, he also wears a large white tabard and a large hood with the same colors. As we can’t see the face of an angel or an archangel, there is a total darkness where his face should be and Funko has represented it perfectly. Finally, in his back, we can see his famous wings of light rather nicely reproduced with this very bright turquoise blue.


The archangel Tyrael

Tyrael is an important character in the Diablo video game series and more particularly in Diablo III. Like the other games in the series, this episode is a hack and slash RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. In the kingdom of Khonduras, 20 years after the archangel Tyrael and the Horadrim mages defeated the three demons that escaped from hell, a new threat appears. The player must go on a mission with Tyrael. Adria, who they thought was their ally, will sacrifice her daughter to bring back the demon Diablo, even stronger than before. Tyrael and the player character will then have to follow him to Heaven to fight him.


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