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Tyrael l?vitation (Diablo)

An impressive look

For this new version, Tyrael is represented in full levitation using his powers. He wears his usual golden armor over a white outfit with a hood hiding the back of his head. He has no face and his head is completely black. He holds his sword in his right hand and finally, rays of light emanate from his back, creating a base that keeps the figure levitating.


A powerful character

Tyrael is an important character of the video game series Diablo from Blizzard Studios taking place in a very dark medieval fantasy world and being of hack and slash” type, the player having to evolve in the world and more or less kill everything in his path to complete his mission. Tyreal is the archangel of justice and is part of the Angiris council, the highest council of the heavens dictating laws to the other angels. He was given the task of destroying Sanctuary, a place created by angels and demons to live in peace outside of the war that had always raged and saw the birth of the first humans. Like the other archangels, Tyrael hated humans but when he saw that some were willing to protect the sanctuary, he changed his mind and decided to let them live. Later, Tyrael will also be one of the two who will participate in sending the demon Diablo back to hell.


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