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Jim Raynor (Starcraft II)

Jim Raynor has already an impressive physique but it becomes even more impressive when he wears his space suit. We find this very large armor that completely hides his face and gives him a non-human look seen from the outside. It is mainly black and the many silver details on the arms or boots are nicely represented. We can also find this characteristic design on his right shoulder as well as the skull and crossbones pattern on the retractable window of his helmet. Finally, he is holding his impressive firearm in his hands.


The Marshall with the eventful past

Jim Raynor is an important character in the universe of the strategy video game Starcraft and the main character of Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty. This video game takes place in a futuristic science-fiction universe in which the Earth, overpopulated, has sent all undesirable” beings to distant planets. We will then see the creation of an authoritarian confederation very quickly opposed by rebel factions and the meeting of very evolved and bellicose extra-terrestrial races. Jim Raynor is an ex-military man who became an outlaw but who will eventually come back into line by accepting to become a marshal in the colony of Mar Sara. An impressive armor


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