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Dinesh (Silicon Valley)

The Raj” of Silicon Valley

Although not from the same country, the character of Dinesh is not without reminding the character of Raj in Big Bang Theory, with his slightly retro look, his inability to talk to women and his talent for science. We find this beige pants worn with shoes a little bit old-fashioned and this famous striped polo shirt also a little retro. He holds his hands in his pockets and we can notice the detail of the gold chain around his neck. He buys it thinking it looks “cool” and of course finds himself the source of Gilfoyle’s mockery. On the head, we find of course his brown skin and his thick black hair styled back again in a slightly retro way.


The pairing of Gilfoyle

Dinesh is one of the members of the development team of the startup Pied Piper in the HBO comedy, Silicon Valley. In this series, we tell the story of the birth of a start-up based on the revolutionary compression algorithm created by its owner Richard Hendricks. Having initially hesitated to accept a takeover offer from a billionaire in the sector (the boss of Hooli, a parody of Google), Richard finally decided to develop and sell the idea himself. To do this, he will surround himself with a team of developers, two of whom live with him in a business incubator. One of them is Dinesh. Originally from Pakistan, he is a talented developer and he also has a competitive friendship with Gilfoyle, the other incubator resident on the team. Dinesh is not very good with women, he is often the target of Gilfoyle’s jokes but he also has a great sense of repartee.


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