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Jared (Silicon Valley)

The representative of Pied Piper

As in the series, Jared has a very wise look but especially he is very devoted to the company and thus does not hesitate to wear the rather ridiculous personalized clothes which he made. We find his beige pants with his usual brown shoes but especially his yellow and green jacket with one of the logos of Pied Piper. At the level of the head, we find his eyebrows slightly falling which capture this expression always a little desperate that he carries on his face. Finally, we find the wise haircut that is characteristic of him.


The heart of the company

Jared is the latest addition to the Pied Piper project in the Silicon Valley series. The series follows the adventures of Richard Hendricks, an employee of Hooli (a parody of Google) who develops a revolutionary compression algorithm in his spare time. When his project comes to the attention of several important people, he must choose between his boss’s proposal to buy him out for a large sum of money and another billionaire’s offer to invest so that he can continue developing his application. Richard chose the second solution. He is then joined by several developers but also by Jared, an employee of Hooli who decides to resign because he believes very strongly in Richard’s project. It is him who will bring his expertise in business management and all the administrative problems that are foreign to all the others. Jared is a boy with a very soft and posed personality and who is completely devoted to Richard.


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