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Erlich (Silicon Valley)

The famous boss of Aviato

Very proud of the creation of his famous application Aviato, Erlich very often wears a t-shirt with his logo and that’s how he is represented here. We find the blue color of the t-shirt and the white logo. With that he wears his usual cargo pants with open leather sandals and he holds his hands in the pockets. At the level of the head, we find well his eyes slightly circled of red and half closed to recall his use of cannabis and other hallucinogenic drugs. We also recognize of course his thick red hair with his sideburns and his matching goatee.


The patron

Erlich is one of the main characters of the famous HBO comedy, Silicon Valley. In this series, Erlich is the manager of a business incubator, which means that he hosts several computer scientists developing applications in exchange for a percentage of their company’s profits. One of them, Richard, develops a revolutionary compression algorithm and soon finds himself coveted by his own boss at Hooli who wants to buy the company and another billionaire who wants to invest. He chooses the latter and starts his own company. Erlich, resting on the laurels of what he earned with his own Aviato application a few years earlier, will finally get back to work on creating Pied Piper. They will be joined by Gilfoyle, Dinesh and Jared, a Hooli alum who believes strongly in Richard’s project. Erlich has a very exuberant personality and can sometimes be a pain in the ass, but he has a good heart and if, like the others, he makes many mistakes in the management of the company, he will also save them on several occasions.


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