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Richard (Silicon Valley)

Pied Piper

Richard’s application was originally used to compress music, he had called it Pied Piper and although he was mocked a lot throughout the series, he kept this name and therefore wears one of his famous green t-shirts with the Pied Piper logo. With that, he wears his usual beige pants, black sneakers and his gray sweater that he wears almost all the time. At the level of the head, we find the small rings under his eyes which are very characteristic of the character. Finally, we recognize of course also his famous blond/red hair slightly curly.


The genius

Richard is the central character of the series Silicon Valley. This humorous series tells the story of a computer start-up from its birth through the many, many pitfalls that stand in the way of its very clever but also very naive boss. Richard initially works at Hooli, a parody of Google, and lives with Erlich who hosts him and others for free in exchange for 10% of the application he develops if it eventually sells. When his compression algorithm falls into the hands of his colleagues at Hooli and his boss and he is offered a huge sum of money to buy his application, Richard finds himself having to make a choice between making a lot of money immediately or launching a real start-up. When he finally decides on the second option, he goes to work with several of the other computer scientists he lives with.


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